Star Ocean: Second Evolution Difficulties
Current Version: 1.05
Release Date: 03/29/2009
Readme File: so2sev1.05.txt

These are save files that unlock the higher difficulty modes in Star Ocean: Second Evolution. They also start you with no Talents except Nimble Fingers (and Blessing of Mana for Rena), so that you no longer have to constantly reroll your character to try to get the optimal starting Talents.

Instead of starting a New Game, simply load from the file that corresponds to the character and difficulty you wish to play:

Slot 25 = Rena / Earth
Slot 26 = Rena / Galaxy
Slot 27 = Rena / Universe
Slot 28 = Claude / Earth
Slot 29 = Claude / Galaxy
Slot 30 = Claude / Universe

See the readme for more details.


Someone requested these same saves, but with all items and Rena / Claude with 999 Skill Points. Here they are: