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First of all, I'd like to thank Tzepish for this mod - it makes my favorite version of the game just AWESOME!!! Thank you very much for all your work, man!

I'd only like to provide a VERY MINOR feedback, specifically regarding the DK job's unlocking requirements:

So, the reduced requirements are a godsend, no doubts about it, but I feel the change went too far on the other direction. DK is arguably the strongest generic class this side of the Arithmetician, and requiring only BLM 5 and SAM 5 seems a bit too inconsequential, especially when compared to the Mime's requirements. A nice balance point that wouldn't be TOO easy, IMHO, would be Knight 5 / Black Mage 5 / Geomancer 5 / Samurai 5, or, as I like to think of them, "basic physical", "basic magical", "physical magical" and "magical physical". Knight 5 is just one level above the Samurai's own requirement, and Geomancer will be unlocked on the way to Samurai, anyways. Unlocking DK would then be just a BIT harder, but nowhere near as hard as what we'd have to accomplish in the unpatched game.

Let me take this opportunity to propose a few ideas for future versions of this mod, if you don't mind:

1) It'd be very nice if the level down "glitch" was fixed in WotL. Search Glain's Assorted ASM (sorry, I can't link to it directly, it seems) for "level down fix" and it should be clear what I'm talking about.

2) One old mod that I always liked was the one that made all classes give the same amount of stat growth to each stat, so that the only thing differentiating them on this front would be stat multipliers - and you wouldn't permanently gimp your character by leveling it up in the wrong class while you were grinding for JP. If you do decide to look into this, it could be nice to have such an option when patching the game (like what you did for smart encounters and encounter unscaling)!

Anyways, thanks again for the great hack! Cheers!

Since the spell lag problems seems to have been fixed, were you able to re-add in the spell incantations or were they removed permanently from the US version?

Edit: i did quickly skim the readme but didn't see any mention of it.

Holy necropost, Batman!

Bastard Son, I don't know if you're still around or if you'll ever see this, but I did another release and took into account everything you said in your Let's Play thread! TY again man!

Heya Hanzo, I've tested the game with the new patch and I've gone ahead and updated to version 1.2 (and I credit you for font improvements in the readme!).

I've decided, though, that it's probably better if you release your version of the patch as a separate upload to, since each patch requires a different base rom and our audiences will probably be looking for the hacks in different places. You can simply credit me in your readme.

Hanzo (guest) 21 Sep 2016 11:41
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

Alright, cool. As for the german version, I was able to change everything but ran into antoher problem. The letters ä,ö,ü/Ä,Ö,Ü (which are commonly used in german) seem to put together by the combination of two tiles. I checked this out ingame (for example in the name-creation menü, but also in the dialogue text). One tile would contain the letter itself like normal (for example "a") and the tile that is drawn above (ingame ) only seems to contain the two dots. So for example the combination of the "a"-tile and the "two dots"-tile results in the "ä" being displayed.

Since the two dots are layed out to fit the italic letters they are positioned a little off and would have to be changed. However i looked around for quite some time but could not find those specific tiles in TLP. Basically i would have to leave it at that which wouldn't be a perfect solution but otherwhise 99% clean.

by Hanzo (guest), 21 Sep 2016 11:41

Thanks man - I do like your letters better. And thanks for the proper european letters (and the numbers!). I think I'll wait a bit before doing another release, just in case something else pops up in the next couple days, heh, otherwise I'll be posting this as version 1.2 with a thank you credit for ya.

I uploaded the IPS-Patch to Zippyshare and created a wikidots account, so I could send you the link as a PM.

So first of I took the liberty to make some improvements (in my mind) to your 1.1 Version (US Rom) and I proceeded to change all characters that were still italic. I applied those changes to both the dialogue and menu text. You can compare them to your original Version 1.1. Since it is your project, feel free to adopt my changes as you see fit (or just take the whole thing if you agree on my changes). This is not meant to be some sort of critique :D I appreciate your effort and all the help!!

Here are my changes in the order of the tiles in the ROM:

0123456789 (just above the alphabet) - changed to non-italic

C - removed one pixel on the right-end of the top-arc

i,j - placed the dot one pixel lower

n,m - moved the top-left most pixel one pixel to the right

ä,ü,ö - moved the two dots of each letter down-center and moved the whole symbol one pixel up to match the in-tile position of a,u,o

é - changed the position of the top two pixels to make them match with è

ß,Ä,Ö,Ü - changed to non-italic

fat letters ("ABCDEF") that come after the special symbols - changed "CDEF" to aling with the top of the tile (like "A" and "B" already were)

Eventhough the patch is based on "Legend of Zelda, The - Link's Awakening DX (V1.1) (U) [C][!].gbc" it seems to work just fine with V1.2, so you might wanna change that in the description.

I will get to work on the German Version next (not today, though). Also, if you wanna credit me you could use the name "Peyre", which is my main screen-name ;D Thanks

Re: Zelda DX - Font Improvement by (account deleted), 19 Sep 2016 15:50

Good deal. Yeah that's why I suggest reseating the font (or copy/pasting within tile layer pro) - if things are in different places, then the patch isn't actually compatible.

Hanzo (guest) 19 Sep 2016 14:53
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

That's totally fine with me. However i did encounter some problems while i was at it. The Tileset of the german rom is kinda different from the english-version (meaning some letters are placed differently and some letters/symbols missing in either version). I will keep you posted on my progress and i will try to document all changes.

by Hanzo (guest), 19 Sep 2016 14:53

Probably best if I make the updates and make the submission, so that there's only one version of the mod listed. I can thank you in the readme for help with the German characters (there were some letters in there I didn't recognize and thus, didn't know how to de-italicize). I guess you can send me a screenshot of what those letters should look like?

Hanzo (guest) 18 Sep 2016 16:14
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

Well, turns out your patch works just fine with the German Rom :D
I should have tested that right away anyway..

Then again, there are a few special characters that remain italic, so i edited those Tiles.
Also i found a row of numbers (0-9) that were still unchanged, too.
Don't know if it's worth to publish the german-version on…

I'm suprised, how easy it is to change those graphics. I think i'm gonna mess around a little more now. i think.
Thanks again for the help.

by Hanzo (guest), 18 Sep 2016 16:14
Hanzo (guest) 17 Sep 2016 16:44
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

Awesome, i'll look into it. What i forgot the say all the way: Thanks for your mod, good work ;D

by Hanzo (guest), 17 Sep 2016 16:44

So I went ahead and updated my mod to v1.1 - fixed the menu text as well. And, as it turns out, TilelayerPro will allow you to drag and drop tiles from one ROM to another while you have both open, so copying my font to the Eu version should be a breeze.

Hanzo (guest) 15 Sep 2016 15:58
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

THANKS A LOT for this detailed guide.

Sounds not that hard really, so i will give it a shot (eventhough i don't have much time this weekend).
You really don't have to do this for me 'cause i think it will be fun and i can learn a thing or two. Appreciate the offer, though.

There is one last thing: The EU version let's you choose from different languages (French, German, etc…) if i remeber correctly.
However i don't think that should be a problem, since every language uses the same font anyway. While you're at it maybe you could take a look.

Thanks again and I will report back once I get around to it or if I run into any problems.

Greetings from germany!

by Hanzo (guest), 15 Sep 2016 15:58

Now that I'm at my home office, I can help a letter better.

Make a backup of your ROM before you make any edits. Not only is this just good practice for safety, but you'll need a copy of the original for creating an IPS patch.

The graphics program I used was Tile Layer Pro. In TLP, you can do file -> Open, just like opening any other file in any other program, and select your ROM. Then, choose View -> Format -> Gameboy to display the graphics in the correct format.

Scroll to about a third of way down to find the font (most of what you see is going to be jumbled garbage, since TLP doesn't necessarily know where the graphics data are, so it displays the entire ROM as if it were gameboy graphics). The font will appear as one letter per tile - click on the letter you want to edit, and it'll appear in the separate "Tile Editor" window, where it can be drawn over. Then, File -> Save when you're done!

It's funny, when I made this mod, I didn't know why the main menu font still appeared in italics, but after cracking the ROM open again today, I spotted a duplicate font near the bottom of the ROM, which turned out to be the menu font. Maybe I'll make an update to my patch this weekend to fix the discrepancy.

Now, if you just wanted to remake the mod for your own enjoyment, then you are done, but if you were hoping to distribute it, then you'll need to make a patch. I use Lunar IPS, which has a dead-simple interface. It asks you for your original unmodified ROM, then asks for your modified ROM, and then it spits out the patch - that's it!

Anyway, this weekend maybe I'll just make this thing for you (when I get to updating the menu font), but I encourage you to hop into ROM hacking with something easy like a font, and see if the new hobby grabs you!

Hanzo (guest) 15 Sep 2016 06:13
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

I also just noticed that there seem to be some basic tutorials on Romhacking .net

by Hanzo (guest), 15 Sep 2016 06:13
Hanzo (guest) 15 Sep 2016 06:10
in discussion The Devil's Jockstrap Forums / Forum » Zelda DX - Font Improvement

Nice, i think i can manage to do that. Question for me would be how exactly you would "open" the rom and put together an .ips patch afterwards.
I assume there is no such thing as individual letters (like an alphabet) but several ready-made bitmaps (or as you said "tiles") so every piece of dialog has to be changed seperately?

Thanks for your help!

by Hanzo (guest), 15 Sep 2016 06:10

Hey Hanzo, no coding knowledge required! I simply used a graphics program (don't remember which one, but there are a ton out there), opened up the Zelda ROM (and the Oracle's ROM, for comparison) and just drew over the old font tiles. When I get home I can update this post with the name of the graphics program I used.

Hey mate,

was wondering how exactly you went about changing the font? Let me say that i don't have much coding knowledge at all.
However i would love see this font used in the European version of the game and i would give it a shot if it's not too difficult.

Regards, Hanzo

Zelda DX - Font Improvement by Hanzo (guest), 14 Sep 2016 18:25

Hello :)! Im new here! :), First, Thank you for share all of your hacks for all community your work is impressive :)

I want to apply your Final Fantasy Tactics War of Lion hack PSP version, my favorite characters are Ovelia and Alma, and i was search for all web a hack where i can use this NPC forever in my party. Because in the original game you cant..

I have a question… In your hack can i use this characters forever? Because i read in this hack you can use guest characters.

Thank you! :)

Please help :( by delilfarrelldelilfarrell, 03 Jul 2015 23:24
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