Earthbound Tweak
Current Version: 2.0beta
Release Date: 05/12/2012
Readme File: ebtweakv2.0b.txt
Download: ebtweakv2.0b.rar

Earthbound Tweak is a general improvement patch that changes a few things in Earthbound to make the game more fun and less annoying. The changes include:

  1. Gameplay improvements - Previously missable items can no longer be missed (like the Sword of Kings and Gutsy Bat), no annoying "No problem here" failure message when using "Check" or "Talk" against nothing, no more ATM Card or Receiver Phone items needed, you can now exit the final area of the game and return to other areas, etc.
  2. Text improvements - Character names are shown in spoken dialog, item stats are shown in their descriptions, etc.
  3. Misc improvements - Additional teleport locations added, Jeff no longer randomly fails to fix an item that he has enough IQ to fix, the 3-minute wait behind the waterfall is shortened to 30 seconds, etc.
  4. Fixed up Debug Menu - Text is readable, bugs are fixed, and the menu can be accessed easily via a debug item.
  5. Check the readme file for the full list of changes.

This patch is not meant to provide any sort of unique experience - it is intended for use if you plan on playing through Earthbound again (or if you have never played it before). After applying my patch, you will still be playing the same Earthbound we all know and love, but with less annoyances that go with it. :-)